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Posted by Jinger Howell  on January 10, 2019


Click HERE to sign up for text alerts from wcsh to be notified of school cancellations.  Remember, if MSAD 75 cancels classes, ALL Merrymeeting Adult Education classes are cancelled. 

You will enter your mobile number and choose the first heading, wcshpublic, school closing, scroll to rsu 75, click box, click big green SIGN UP button.  You may also select wcshadulted, select Merrymeeting Adult Education and click SIGN UP.  This will allow you to be notified if day school is in session, and evening classes are going to be cancelled.  A determination of which will be made by 2 pm.




Posted by Jinger Howell  on November 28, 2018

For Employees

Access to electronic time card entry


Paper Time Sheet



Posted by Jinger Howell  on November 15, 2018

Two options to finish your high school diploma

Merrymeeting Adult Education offers two options for high school completion.


HiSET testing (formerly GED) or traditional high school diploma at no cost.

Call Paul Elisha, academic counselor, at 729-7323, Ext. 3, to set up an appointment. Classes are offered year round.

Free English and math Acuplacer prep for HiSET, diploma, and College Transitions students.



See what real Mainers

are earning after obtaining their

degree or credential.

Click here for more information.



Posted by Raye Leonard  on September 17, 2018

Driver Education

Driver Education Forms


State Application Class C Driver Application

If you ansered YES to Question 8 regarding existing medial conditions, please take this form to your doctor and have your doctor send it to the State Department of Motor Vehicles.


Posted by Raye Leonard  on September 17, 2018

New CNAs recognized by Merrymeeting Adult Education

Carl McKinney Jr., left, Heather Huston, Ruth Bucher, instructor Margo Kovach, RN, Natalie Marden, Magen Ellis, and Naome Bray entered the ranks of health-care professionals on Sept. 11, receiving official recognition as Certified Nursing Assistants.

TOPSHAM -- Seven students graduated from Merrymeeting’s Certified Nursing Assistant program in a ceremony held Sept. 11, and the adult education center.

Carl McKinney Jr., Kelsea Bard, Heather Huston, Ruth Bucher, Natalie Marden, Magen Ellis, and Naome Bray completed their coursework and clinical rotations on Aug. 21. They entered the ranks of certified health-care professionals upon earning passing scores on the state exam,

The class was led by first-time instructor Margot Kovach, RN, who thanked the students for teaching her as much as she hoped she taught them in a speech that also recognized the unique contributions each student brought to the class.

Nurse instructor Margo Kovach shares some words of wisdom with her first cohort of CNA students.

Official certificates and a gift of gold scissors were presented by Kovach, and Diana McCain, director of Merrymeeting Adult Ed, and Dawn Wheeler, site coordinator of Regional School Unit 1 and Wiscasset Adult Ed. The two programs began working together in August to increase adult education opportunities in the southern Midcoast region.

Dawn Wheeler, site coordinator for Regional School Unit 1 and Wiscasset Adult Ed pins Carl McKinney, Jr., at Merrymeeting's CNA graduation Sept. 11.

Merrymeeting’s CNA program offers comprehensive training for adult learners interested in pursuing a career in health care. The 20-week work-ready course includes 110 hours of in-person classroom time, and 70 hours of clinical practice in a hospital setting.

The next CNA course begins Oct. 2. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Region 10 Technical High School in Brunswick.

Merrymeeting Adult Education provides opportunities for adult learners to complete a traditional high school diploma, earn a HiSET (formerly GED), prepare for college, train for careers, and develop skills and interests in a variety of personal enrichment classes, everything from canoe paddle making to private pilot ground school.

For more information about Merrymeeting’s academic and enrichment classes, click here.



Posted by Raye Leonard  on September 17, 2018

For Instructors

For Teachers

Teacher Handbook 

Teacher Handbook Forms  

Teacher Application (Word) (PDF)

Course Proposal Form  (Word)

Syllabus Template     (PDF)   (Word)

Course Continuation Request  (PDF)  (Word)

Paper Time Sheet

Electronic Time Sheet

Teacher Self-Evaluation (Word) (PDF)

Student Evaluation for Academic Course (Word) (PDF)

Student Evaluation for Enrichment Course (Word) (PDF)

Directions for Electronic Time Sheet: Client name is MSAD all caps. User name is first initial last name. The INITIAL PASSWORD is first initial last name (if it doesn't work try adding the number 1 after your last name.)


Posted by Jinger Howell  on August 1, 2012

Forms for students


 Permission to Enroll Form for High School Students (PDF

Student Evaluation for Academic Course (Word) (PDF)

Student Evaluation Enrichment Course (Word) (PDF)

How To Use Diploma Sender





Posted by Jinger Howell  on April 10, 2012


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